Hi I'm Jennifer, 

a graduate of Parsons School of Design. Coming from a multi-cultural background, I enjoy exploring different materials, techniques, and thought process. Just as I am comprised of a variety of genetic material, I like to create products with different building materials. I worked with a variety of products, from furniture, lighting, home accessories, to products designed to raise social awareness. Functionality and craftsmanship are cherished and practiced in my designs.


My inspirations come from nature, culture, and human behaviors. Different processes in working with different media are influential during making and concept development. I believe there is a place for good design in every aspect of our lives. It is my mission to design useful products that not only serve the user, but society and the environment in a meaningful way. 


I am constantly seeking opportunities and knowledge that help me break the boundary and bring myself and my works to next level. During the journey of seeking, I hope to find a more definite and valuable position for myself in the field of industrial design.


+1 917 855 9456

+86 136 7189 3384