Hi friend,
I’m a recent grad from the SVA MFA Interaction Design. I strive to build compelling, meaningful, and practical user experiences through interactions that are shaped by human insight and crafted to empower and engage people.

I interned @TripAdvisor last summer, working on design system and shaping the future of travel community.

I’m a foodie. When you’re in the Big Apple, check out my NYC food guide. When you’re in Taipei, here’s a secret list of my favorite restaurants 🤫.


Get to know me better


Diving & Nudibranch

Fell in love with the underwater since I started diving with my brother in 2012, and became obsessed with nudi “sea slugs”.

Dog & Animals

I love dogs. My most recently favorite animal is capybara. I was lucky to see a family of five in the Manu Jungle, Peru. I’m fascinated by the idea of “biomimicry”.

Cutting & Making

When I was in elementary, my joy came from slicing apple as thin as I can. In high school, it became paper cutting and model making. In college, it was using bigger blade (aka table saw) to make furniture.

Fruit Jam

Making fruit jam fills home with sweet and happiness. If I get to pick them from farms that a bonus.

Airports & Airplanes

A place where joys and goodbyes collide since I left home to pursue higher education in the States 10 years ago. Also, a place greatly influences me as an UX designer.

Other Things Make Me Smile

Frozen durian, Cherry blossom, Fall Season, Pancakes & Waffles, Adventures, Taiwanese Tongyi Pudding


I also like to take photos…