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How might we serve non-touristy content to locals in their primary locations?

TripLocal introduces a new category for TripAdvisor local users to enjoy nearby or upcoming events that they can share with friends.


This was a 4-day Hackathon team project with two other developers that took place during my TripAdvisor Internship. We realized that locals are interested in finding out about “non-touristy” activities when they are in their home cities. Building on TripAdvisor’s ready-to-be-launched Community Powered Assistant, we proposed an idea that integrates social behavior to showcase nearby and upcoming events.

Scope: 4 days, 2018
Team: Prithvi Chowhan, Aakash Sethi





My time at TripAdvisor

  • Directly worked with PMs and engineers on projects. The most exciting tasks involved the new social initiatives launched in Sept. 2018.

  • Crafted a Pattern Library that supports conversation and eliminates confusion between engineers and designers. Looked at Material Design guidelines and organized UI elements that matter to TripAdvisor.

  • Learned how to design for a global product that is responsive and adaptive to different languages.

CX team summer 2018

Amazing people I worked with on the CX team + Alexander Lang + Christine Vo (my manager)